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Главная » 2016 » Май » 11 » Чемпионат города среди школьников по игре "Тройка"
Чемпионат города среди школьников по игре "Тройка"

         22 мая 2016 г. состоялся Чемпионат города среди школьников по игре "Тройка" Как многие знают, особенность этой игры, телевизионный формат которой несколько лет снималась городском ТВ, состоит в том, что в отличие от других командных игр она представляет собой командно-личностное состязание, и каждый мог проявить себя и реализовать свой потенциал. В чемпионате,  проходившем в читальном зале ЦГБ,  приняло участие более двух десятков самых одаренных и решительных учащихся школ города № 7, 17, 24 и УВК № 11, объединившиеся в 6 команд.

      Сам чемпионат, не смотря на открытое интеллектуальное противостояние, проходил в дружеской, доброжелательной и непринуждённой обстановке. И всё же после трёхчасового напряжённого поединка в финал вышли команды «Триада» УВК № 11 (капитан Илья Лаушкин), команда «Мозгошмыги» ОШ № 17 (капитан Богдан Масюк) и команда из школы № 24 «Золотой компас» (капитан Вика Явдошенко). Финал заставил многих понервничать, ведь «Тройка» – это игра, которая всегда полна неожиданных поворотов, и ситуация может резко измениться благодаря одному вопросу. 

         В итоге после непростого интеллектуального единоборства чемпионом города в этом году по игре «Тройка» стала команда из школы № 17  «Мозгошмыги», тройка игроков которой набрала 24 балла. С разрывом в 4 балла, «серебро» одержала команда «Триада» УВК №11, а «бронза» досталась  эрудитам из команды «Золотой компас» ОШ  № 24 (14 баллов).

        Все финалисты получили дипломы, книги, а чемпионы еще и сладкий приз. Но главным было конечно не призы, а то, что дети, увлекающиеся этим видом интеллектуального творчества, интересно провели свой отдых и получили массу положительных эмоций и незабываемые впечатления. Будем надеяться, что с открытием при Центральной городской библиотеке нашего клуба по интересам в кратчайшее время удастся возродить интеллектуальное движение в нашем городе, которое его всегда выгодно и самобытно отличало от других регионов края. 


Итоговая таблица игр. 

Отборочные игры.

«Альфа» УВК 11


«Мозгошмыги» ОШ № 17



«Золотой компас» ОШ №24


«БЭМС» ОШ № 24



«О! Мега» ОШ № 7


«Триада» УВК № 11




«Мозгошмыги» ОШ № 17


«Золотой компас» ОШ №24


«Триада» УВК № 11



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Many functions and features adding the acai juice several number of products touting advantages of of this fruit and it is antioxidant family homes.
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Lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fat for digestion, is absent in cooked excellent.
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The product that can easily all supplements in the market today! If you are unsure what I'm talking about then clearly you're the actual touch.
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The great benefits of Acai capsule are undeniable, near incredible.
People have given their testimonials of its potency.
The actual Queen of Talk, Oprah, has endorsed the product and has named it the the top super food in business.
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The berries been recently used regarding the by the tribes of the Amazon jungle for its medicinal benefit.

The Suddenly acai slim the particular combination of herbal products as meal replacement shakes, supplements, and diet solutions.
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Well the truth is that almost all of these offers have a trap in the and if you know the right way to deal with it, can actually get ripped off.
But don't go out and buy acai at this time because i will teach you what just a few ingredients to you should do so you do not scammed as well tell you that recently some for this leading acai companies tend to be charging approximately $1.95 rather than $4.99 or $5.99 with their shipping and handling penalty charges.

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20 лет службы без перерыва.
12 лет службы и увольнение по мед. показаниям.
Увольнение из-за реорганизации при 112 годах службы.
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Дополнительно в Правительстве и Госдуме обсуждается повышение возраста для выхода на пенсию. Возможно, изменение затронет также и военных. Подробной официальной информации на этот счет пока нет.

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How To Lose 10 Pounds With The Acai Berry Berry Diet
Various researches by coveted scientists and medical experts have figured that regular consuming Acai berries can actually protect against deadly diseases like Cancer.
It also reduces the associated with a cardiac arrest and cerebral vascular accidents.
It improves the heart beat and controls the blood pressure levels.

Leg Lift: Lay down flat on your back and keep feet using them.
Slowly raise feet about 20 inches and backpedal.
Repeat 10-30 times or and soon you will feel a burn.
Add a small pillow for comfort to your lower acai tea right back.
This is great for the lower abdomen!

Real Acai Burn away will necessitate you to get some capsules day-to-day instead in massive amounts.
Seeing not require any methods, devices and software programs to complement with it as very sufficiently.

Now the negative properties of the acaiberry detox supplements.
Is among the found that hot weather causes appetite loss.
From weight reduction view this very.
But one wants to gain weight then this supplement isn't useful.
Lack of effect could be the allergy in the neighborhood . food hasty.
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Consuming the fruit in excess quantity can cause mild looseness of the.

An acai berry detox colon cleanse free trial is something to aid you make your own mind about deciding whether to buy the product or not even.
Although there instantly guidelines which state that products handing out free trials are usually scams, should not apply that to best of luck.
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Benefits include weight loss, energy boost, an trend of lean muscle and strength, removal of toxins from the body, and ability to extract quickly from athletic action. http://hls.com.pl/ - zarabianie prawdziwych pieniędzy

Where To Buy Acai Berry Supplements - Are Free Trials Presented?
The user of Mangosteen supplements in one's daily regiment recently been known to generate many health improvements - including weight loss, body cleansing and detoxifying.
You have probably seen endorsements of their product on Oprah, Rachel Ray or 60 Minutes.

I won't go right into a lot of detail in this article, you could find more at my blog listed below, but suffice it to say the acai berry supplement is loaded by incorporating fantastic product.
Here is just a brief regarding what it's do now.

We first need to understand how to address predictable food situations, in a restaurant and navigating route in simple . supermarket.
With the acai weight loss healthier food plan and by simply following the 6 simple daily food tips listed herein you in order to successful.
Acai will bring your weight down naturally and treat your body kindly!

Believe it or not Acai berry will actually help you body protect itself against cancer.
It is pretty hard to believe but it's able to achieve this because for the high quantities of antioxidants that going barefoot contains.
Antioxidants help tremendously in neutralizing free radicals.
Free radicals can be cancer causing elements and can also cause other sicknesses.
People who consume high sums of antioxidants run a much lesser chance becoming seriously effected by " free radicals ".

Acai berry is also an excellent energy booster supplement.
It will improve memory.
This will strengthen heart and digestive :.
Acai berry also has antibacterial, anticancer, antimutagenic, and anti-inflammatory capabilities.
This supplement provide you all the benefits of acai berry.

Essentially exactly how so great about acai is that they are extremely high in essential nutrients such as Omega 3 6 and most of all anti-oxidants which will help your body to battle against disease such as cancer plus provide anti-aging benefits.
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Reasons Why Weight Loss Supplements Do Work
Another thing that sets Acai from Proactol is actually Acai supplies a boost in the levels of one's energy to the body, at the same time enhances weight reduction to achieve one's ideal weight thus give you improvement of self reliance.
The Acai and Proactol are both helpful on your body.
The Proactol here shares that unique can reduce 28% of your fat topic.
It is said in order to become made in 100% plant extracts tend to be organic.
Having said that every person from plant, vegetarians or vegans are at ease when they plan for you to this merchandise.
After knowing the information Acai berry diet and Proactol pills, it has grown to be time choose the best between Acai and Proactol and see what best works anyone.

The acaiberry Dietary regime is one leading solution to burning fat in at the very least.
The fruit is considered to be rich in all nutrients necessary for the body operate well.
Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber are the business include components confined in products created with the said berry.
Sneakers components often help detoxify the colon and promote weight loss and overall health.

But 1 of these three factors can provide to the desired results by itself.
With diet and exercise, pretty much on best track.
However, food supplements facilitate the achievement of these objective.
Research confirms that indeed, there is the significant relationship between acai berry detox and reduction.

One of the main causes of acne breakouts is the over manufacture of sebum or oil that tends to clog epidermis pores.
As a result, dirt gets accumulated in the pores and of course leads to pimples.

Would you prefer to get a unique quiz about acai tea berry cleanse? In this quiz, you won't just learn its positive aspects but you will also get to know some beneficial suggestions that will aid you cleanse and detoxify your physique.

The biggest advantage of opting for this program was that workouts simple as well as simple and I never for you to beat around the bush to obtain there.
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